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=> 09/14 some modification and little change on some pages.
=> 06/12, added new links to bytecharge, gooddogie and exchange links system works fine.
=> 04/17, added 7 news templates, exchange links program and much more...
=> 03/26, lot of news into paid parts...
=> 02/27, added 6 templates.
=> 01/05, added 10 Hi-tech templates, special thanks to the author, Graphicxperiment.

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Nom: E-template 008 Auteur: Zbourrin (Go)
Contenu: Realised without script. This template gives you a lot of place for your datas. Better with a database connection.
test (37 Ko)

Nom: E-template 009 Auteur: Zbourrin (Go)
Contenu: There is just your pictures and this template gives you a lot of place for datas. It's better with a data-table connection.
test (14 Ko)

Nom: Free Trainer 1 Auteur: Free Trainer (Go)
Contenu: With this template you can make a lot of links. The presentation is very simple but effective.
test (20 Ko)

Nom: Free Trainer 2 Auteur: Free Trainer (Go)
Contenu: This is a good template for a first place on the web. You can make a simple text website or an e-business website.
test (8 Ko)

Nom: Best-templates01 Auteur: Best-templates (Go)
Contenu: You can make a lot of links. This is a simple template with a little rollover. + PSD pictures
test (65 Ko)

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